nedelja, 25. november 2007

my ideal workplace:

I'm a guy who doesn't like to be at the same place all the day. I like to see new things, new challenges. I can't be in the same room all day!!
I would like to work in small factory, with a good chief and a good co-workers. I would like to meet new people. The ideal workplace must have a pauses, that we could go on a coffee.

I would like to be Mr. Santa Claus.

četrtek, 15. november 2007

This is my friend Mirko

photo edit: la familia brophy

sreda, 24. oktober 2007

beautiful place to live

My home village:

I live in Dobravlje. I'm there only for two years. I can't say a lot of it. I know just a few people which are very friendly. Before that I lived in Ajdovščina. In Dobravlje there are no shops or bank. We have one bar, a primary school, playground and post office. People are mostly workers in local towns and some of them are farmers. I live in old house and before we came here we renew it. At this moment workers are rebuilding the roof.

torek, 23. oktober 2007

First contact with net

Me and Internet
My first contact with the Internet was in the primary school. It was something new for me. I didn't know nothing about it. But with some time ...I could write down something. My brother brought first computer at home. Then it was more time to learn it. Now I use it every day and I have my own.

torek, 16. oktober 2007

About me

I will be 20 years old very soon. I'm from Dobravlje. I've got two brothers and one sister. I study mechatronics for now! We will see how long!! I hope that I will finish this school. In my free time I do the stuff around the house. I've got 4 small puppies. They are very cute. If you need one I can give it to you:).